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May 16, 2009



*wild applause* Yessssss! I love this! This is exaclty what I did with Nik during all of my husband's commencement-related activities...Nik came to every single one and we just did our thing —whatever it was in the moment— and expected everyone else to simply deal with it. And, remarkably, most of them did! :-)


I love this. It's simply so logical and beautifully written. Thank you, Susan. Isaac is so lucky to have you on his side. We're all lucky to have you on our side.


I know just what you mean, you express it so well.


Bravo! This is wonderful, Susan. Beautifully said.


yay! that's it exactly susan! i'm with you entirely!


Susan, this is so very much related to what I'm going to be writing for BlogHer on Tuesday, and exactly the kind of post I've been trying to find. And here you wrote it two days ago!

Your eloquence and love for Isaac make your blog glow, softly but so brightly.


Thank you. This is very thoughtful and inspiring.

drama mama

Gorgeous. And true.


I really liked this entry, both as it relates to autism but also beyond. Thanks Susan.


I wanted to write sth...but u wrote it all and so to beautifully!!

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