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January 18, 2009



Oof. Crossroads such as the one you approach are so uncomfortable and, for me anyway, a bit disheartening. I wish I had something to offer beyond my sincere belief that you will all find your way and it will be on a brighter path. Sending you hugs and love.


Susan, be brave, be strong...You will certainly find your way. Give that dear boy a hug and a kiss. Thinking of you always. Here if you need anything. xxk

Special Needs Mama

Oh hang in there. Thinking of you, always.

drama mama

Hand on my heart. Nodding. I'm here if you need anything.

And if it's any comfort, I always have to put my underpants on, right leg first.


camilla connolly

i am an aspie and a mum. My nephew is HFA, and take heart, ELEVATORS ARE WONDERFUL THINGS.
the issue is that the elevators bring our son joy and happiness and consume him. For us, special interests are where we actually meet ourselves purely...it is where the autistic sense of self has a chance to be at peace and be with the beauty and intensity of the special interest. We "fuse" with the special interest and it is also the realm where we experience the more subtle emotional realm that most people can access in relationships with other people.

From the outside looking in, people who are not autistic can "worry" about the social acceptability of the special interest. How does it "look" to the rest of the world, how will it be perceived...it is "mainstream enough" or too outside of the ordinary? These concerns are actually superfluous and irrelevant. If the special interest is a little quirky and obscure, what does it matter? it is bringing joy to the child and the adult with autism and giving them a heavenly realm in which to meet with the full range of who they are - intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, sensorially and physically.

it is all ok.
and you never know, your son may go on to develop or design the most wonderful elevator in the world! or he may not. The point is, he reaches a state of zen contentment with them - in the moment.

I like the adage...those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind. Your son sounds wonderful to me. :)

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