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January 26, 2009



Too funny! Isaac, I mean ANDREW, has such a great sense of humor.

I especially laughed about the laminating machine. We just bought one last week! :-p

drama mama

That's our boy!

F*ck that laminating business. We just acted everything out in our living room.

Jordan Sadler, SLP

Oh, God, you are right on about the laminating - what is that all about? We seem to have one staff member laminating something at work at all times, I swear.

Lovely post! Andrew sure is growing up.

Betty and Boo's Mommy

Antidepressants and a laminating machine ... sheer brilliance! Love that!


Ah yes, doing the lamination thing here too. Photos, lots of laminated photos. And the velcro -- just recently read another comment on another board to the effect that if you want a new symbol for an autism bumpersticker, she'd nominate velcro as an image!

RRRRRIP goes the velcro...

(By the way, I've lurked for a while but don't think I've commented before. Hi, I'm JoyMama from Elvis Sightings.)


Hi Susan, I have taken to reading your blogs as I try to de-stress in the evening sometimes. It may seem a strange form of stress reduction to you. But there is something so lovely in your stories, so loving. And I get to connect with three people I care about! Thank you. And say hi to Andrew for me.

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