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November 01, 2008



Oh no! A shiner? You must invent the most outrageous story for anyone who asks. (Though the truth is pretty outstanding all on its own, don't you think?)

And dear Isaac. No longer in crisis mode is good. Hopefully it will be even better soon. Sending hugs.

Special Needs Mama

You're funny. And I absolutely love hearing about I's progress on the reading front. How amazing for him and for you all. Rock on!


Ok, I'm just twisted enough to want to see that shiner! (I'll show you my bruise from Nik's bite this morning...)

How is that, just when I am at my nadir, I read your words and feel hope again? Thank you.

And Isaac? A superstar. Bless him but he is trying so hard and achieving so much. Imagine what's possible with the right supports in place?


I know that you're a professional blogger and all, but you're doing it wrong.

When you hurt yourself comically that goes on Twitter.



Ack, a shiner?!? Yikes. You ARE going to get some looks and some "yeah right" glances if you even tell that story. Damn, that must've hurt.

Dal and tandoori? And you STAYED HOME??? I hope they brought you some.


I love this, Susan. You guys must be so proud of Isaac's reading because I know that I am!

And Chris' comment above: hilarious!

drama mama

Erase paste from Benefit?


Hey, I saw Isaac on Halloween during the parade, hand in hand with Bernie the Wonder Para. He was coping and doing OK. Even when they had to bring the parade inside because it was raining. Call for deets. xo. nice shiner!

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