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November 24, 2008



Ah yes, this dilemma I know and can relate to! I think Isaac is certainly at an age and a maturity level (and communicates well enough) that you could may be do some social stories ahead of time. Have some which include ways for him to tell you that it's too much; he needs to leave and leave NOW. Ways for him to warn you that he's approaching his limits.

After I read this, I immediately thought of Kristina's post of roughly a year ago; she, Jim & Charlie had gone to a friend's holiday party and they struck a balance. I think we just need to continuously shift our own perceptions of our children.

Mumkeepingsane wrote "They grow so quickly. Their needs change. I'm finding really difficult to keep up. It seems I'm often saying "he won't be able to do that" or "how can you expect that of him" only to soon realize that he's past that stumbling block and I'm still there." I thought that encapsulated some of my own struggle so well.

All you can do is try and have a back up plan, an easy exit strategy. A road map, if you will. :-)


This post feels like one I could have written, save for the beautiful way in which you weave words together. E's teacher just said to me the other day that sky was the limit for him if only he'd pay attention. He requires (and has) an aide just to keep him "in the game". And we also attended a party recently where there were other children, but we left E at home for the same reasons. He was in hog heaven as he loves his babysitter dearly. So no guilty feelings yet, not really.

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