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November 22, 2008



this was a beautiful post susan, i really enjoyed reading it. :o)


I know what you mean. It took us years to teach M to read and now it is one thing I never take for granted. Every word she reads I am thrilled. It does help make the really rough times easier.

I can relate too with the obsessive thoughts of what you may have said. I went through that for a long time when I was under a great deal of stress. In my case it was a big sign of depression. Once on medications for depression it stopped and I am so thankful. Every now and then I get that way but I can talk myself out of it.


This was absolutely beautiful.


It's such a mixed blessing, isn't it? The blossoming of our children and the rush of emotions that accompanies it for both us and them. I think it is every parent's fondest desire that thier child experiences nothing but goodness and acceptance as they grow. And yet, the necessity of feeling both the joy and the pain should be honored. Without awareness of the one, how can there be an appreciation of the other?

I have every confidence that you and J will help Isaac as he matures and begins to navigate the complexities and nuances of emotions, social awareness, and all that goes with it. After all, you both do some very fine QAP! :-)


So much to respond to here, but my overarching reaction is how lucky Isaac is that you are so in tune with him and attending to all of these highs and lows as you do. I often see that as children develop and increase in their awareness of peers, the world around them and themselves, there is a greater emotional response to everything. It's not always so heightened, but it makes sense that it would be for a while. And I think it's a *very* good thing.

Oh, and I love that Gerald and Piggy book. ;-)

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