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October 05, 2008



OMG, you are in my head! Right.Now. I've been thinking about this aspect of Nik a lot lately. I keep thinking that if I can figure out what it is that pulls his attention so suddenly and sharply away, I might just be able to defeat it or work with it. Instead, I get frustrated and, sometimes, fretful.

I had to chuckle about the spider bite; substitute "bruise on his..." for Nik. *sigh*

drama mama

I hear you. It IS a test in patience, isn't it.

I love this:

"I don't care that the moments are small. I care that they're meaningful."

Amen. Hang in there.

Kia (Good Enough Mama)

The "meaningful" part can be so hard at times, can't it? I struggle with this, too. Sometimes I feel like I can't possibly spend enough meaningful time with Little Man, even though he's the only child I have. It just seems like life sucks every minute out of us and demands we relinquish all of our time to meaningless mush. I think that the fact that we are aware of this though shows that we are doing our best to make things matter and to take advantage of whatever time we have with our kids...


It's what they always talk about in yoga. You are in the moment, this moment. Live in this moment alone. Don't apply that to your finances (because that's another thing that's not helping right now, :-), but yourself, your family and your friends.

The moment means everything. It's not large or small, it is.

How zen of moi!

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