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September 12, 2008



Susan, this is a beautiful post. And yes, don't we all wonder about these things as our kids get older and start to question more, and our world becomes more complex. There is no reason to set limits on what any of our kids can know or understand, we simply stand by, waiting for the moment when they are poised to ask--either with eyes that search our faces for answers, or the very words themselves.


Another exquisite, spot-on post, my friend. And, yeah, what Kristen said...she's way more eloquent than I could possibly be today. xo

Special Needs Mama

Your voice is so mesmerizing I sometimes forget to remember the beauty of your content too. Sorry, that's the writing teacher in me. At any rate, you offer the best of both worlds--great writing and even better subject. Thank you for this.

drama mama

Ah. Gorgeous post.

You know, I will lose my mind is I don't absolutely believe that the answer will be YES someday. Because I can't operate in grey area (oy - some autism parent I am).

I think that we can have that *reply hazy* feeling, but *proceed* as if answer is *yes*...otherwise, we do a great disservice to the potential of our children.


I believe a lot of parents (sadly, I fear, not most) imagine and look forward to having the difficult conversations with their children, hoping they will strike just the right balance of information, wisdom, and relevance that will bring the understanding and closeness you describe.

I suspect few (if any) parents get the actual conversations right. The mind of a silent, sulking twelve-year-old can seem as inscrutable as an ASD child.

The fantasy for parents of kids on the spectrum of course, is that we have will have had so many thousands more TINY difficult conversations with our children that we will have had more practice than parents of typical kids by the time we get to the BIG difficult talks.

But of course not everything gets easier with repetition.

Case in point: the Magic 8 Ball.

Kia (good enough mama)

Sigh. My 8 ball has always been hazy and ambiguous. I think it must be a male. Hahaha.

Seriously though, I hope you get to have all of those uncomfortable talks with your boy, and more! :)

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