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September 27, 2008



Hooray Isaac!!! I'd say that's pretty big stuff, wouldn't you?

I have to smile at the bounce house. GP went through the same thing--afraid, then curious, then brave...

BUT, we had to ban bounce houses. I had to tell him "never ever again" no exceptions. Why? He always got hurt. Chipped teeth, banged heads, he just can not control where his body is in relation to the other kids. Sigh.

My guess is that Isaac will continue to surprise you as he finds his bearings in this world. And with you and J by his side, lucky kid, my friend, lucky kid.


Wow! I'm bouncing, er, jumping for joy here! Way to go Isaac. :-D


I hate the sight of those bouncy houses. Meltdowns and bonks and accusations of "he did (insert physical, accidental intrusion here) me!" They strike fear into my heart. They ought to be outlawed.

But...then again...the kids have SO much fun in them (until they get hurt), and...so does Isaac! Congratulations on vanquishing the Bouncy House Enemy.

Special Needs Mama

This made me smile from ear to ear.


And you forgot to mention he was the only kid in our crowd who didn't run screaming out of the haunted house!


That last line put a lump in my throat. I've not see the term "optimasochists " before, and laughed heartily that I immediately knew exactly what it meant!

Kia (good enough mama)

My Little Man is TERRIFIED of bouncy houses/castles/barns!!! This gives me hope!! Congrats on Isaac's success. :)

drama mama

Oh, those f**king, g*ddamned bouncy houses.


I remember.

Isaac is a better man than me.

Jumpy houses.


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