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September 22, 2008


drama mama

Ah. Much better.


Cracking up here! I like the "Don't" game!

Liz Ditz

QAP -- love it.

My daughter in particular loved the "haughty princess" game, which happened especially around bath time. She was the haughty princess, and I was her lowly servant. Anything she said, I could only reply "Yes, your highness!" with a deep bow. It sort of started with The Princess Bride.


This is SO Isaac and SO J! Can you record some of these moments for us all to listen to again in the future? I'm thinking of the tapes we still have of J and D having fun together...the high voices...the hilarity. Every few years we savor them anew.


Both are priceless!!

Kia (good enough mama)

That's hilarious! Isn't it an awesome thing to see our hubbies interacting so wonderfully with our boys? I LOVE IT!!!

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