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August 30, 2008



The parent advocate bit is exhausting. Things are much the same here in Australia, when I'm not educating PreSchool teachers it is the Sunday School teachers (themselves PreSchool teachers during the week). Family, friends, people we meet at the playground. There always seems to be someone with a question.


Because good enough is sometimes not good enough, is it?


You made me homesick for CA with the bit about Sonoma. *sigh*

Yes, you are so right; the hardest part is the constant advocacy. It sounds like, for the most part, you are fortunate in Isacc's school situation; it sounds like the teachers advocate for their students as well, yes? It's why we pulled Nik from school; constantly having to battle with the very ones who should be helping to advocate for him (and his peers) at least at school...frustrating and exhausting.

Our kids are so lucky they have us. I don't say that with any arrogance; it breaks my heart to think about all the kids who slip through the cracks b/c they have no one advocating for them.


Our family loves Train Town in Sonoma, we've been there a few times (it's less than a couple of hours away from us). My son loves the train ride especially because it has like, 5 tunnels. The roller coaster is his other favorite thing in the park.

Good luck with Isaac in school. I also lose sleep about the advocating part, but my child is still in pre-K.


Aw, we love train town AND Sonoma.

The advocating part IS the work part of things, isn't it? We have it pretty easy with a well-prepared district full of professionals (and we all pay for that, too, with raised funds). Even with all of that, though, there are daily interventions and advocations, things that I know parents of NT children simply don't have to think about or manage. I don't appear to have any NT kids, so I'll probably never really be in the shoes of these parents. I'm sure we all have our crosses to bear. Mine is pretty light because I think my children are delightful little people.


Aww, I remember taking Baxter to Train Town at about that age. He loved it and I still remember feeling completely ill on the teeny tiny roller coaster. So. Lame.

You are right. It's a systemic problem, not a teacher by teacher problem. We have to all keep pushing for good training at the district level, not the classroom or school level. (Did you all just hear me say "SCERTS!" there? Am I that predictable?)

drama mama


We jumped ship, and while I'd like to sit and dissect exactly WHY the present public school system did not serve my child, I'm too busy trying to provide for her needs.

We parents have too much to do besides tirelessly hover and monitor and beg for the education our children deserve.

I'm glad you spent a lovely family day.


I soooo hope that I too can write about my son's good week at school, next weekend. His first day will be this Wednesday and he's told me he doesn't want to go. Ugh. The How-To-Get-Pregnant Books don't talk about this stuff. WHY??!!! WHY??!!!!

Glad to hear Isaac did so well!

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