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August 26, 2008


Giovanni Rodriguez

Sounds like progress to me. Congrats to you and Isaac.


I'd say that sounds like a very good first day. Congratulations to Isaac and you! What a brave kiddo, marching in there and sitting in the circle. I think your approach is wise and will win you friends among the school team. You'll have plenty to offer them soon enough, I'm sure.


Sounds like it was, overall, a pretty successful day. :-) In keeping with the archeology theme...it's kind of like not knowing if you're going to find the ancient pharoa's tomb or get stung by a scorpion...but it's always exciting! ;-)

drama mama

No one peed their pants or had a meltdown?

Sounds golden to me.

Mazel Tov, to all of you.

Susan E

Drama, do you mean including me or not? Because, like, there are limits.


Boy oh boy, does this post ever make me think of my own son. He too is anxious about starting school, but there's a very real possibility that he'll be totally fine. Or not. You just never know.
Thankfully, we've found a place where our son can go to school for half days, so he doesn't have to "not" eat his lunch. Otherwise, he'd be eating his on the way home at the end of the day, too. Sigh.

Glad to hear that your/his first day went as well as it did!

drama mama

Either/or, honey.

No small animals harmed? No running away? No opening doors?

Good day.


And that goes for the parents, too.


cry it out!

I'd say that sounds like a great day too! I hope things go well after the break!


I'm voting good day here. Sounds like it to me. But it is only the beginning. The words "roller coaster" come to mind.

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