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August 11, 2008



well said. if you figure out the secret to doing that w/out the fear taking over...please let me know??


Beautiful. And yes, it is all about the context. Unfortunately, in "real" school, it seems to be the thing few people actually see and understand. Our experience has been that pushing is just pushing. Sometimes it seems like I'm the only parent out there having countless conversations about context.



My daughter has been fully included since preschool and is now entering second grade. I think I lose large amount sof sleep every August as the old anxiety creep up before school starts every year. I wanted to send some kind words of support and encouragement. In my experience, kids are far more accepting and loving in Kindergarten than you can imagine possible. They are all testing their autonomy and power. My daughter classmates have now been with her for three years and have become her best advocate at times. She has also learned to be her own-something we worked on a ton in preschool and K. I think the best tools we gave her is to teach her to be able to tell people when something is too loud, when she needs a break, etc. Her teachers were very supportive of this goal because it helped them too. I think her teachers and peers respect these things more when they come from her. I would also add, every year our daughter has made tremendous developments and huge growth beyond our expectations since being included. So every year now I wait to be surprised. I think your son and his classmates will surprise you too.

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