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July 22, 2008



There's mine,I was there, and asked a question, but didn't mention my blog URL

Send Chocolate

It was a great panel, thanks to everyone!



thanks for the links!

Account Deleted

It was absolutely an amazing panel - lots of discussion afterward. Thank you!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

It was a fabulous panel! You, and the other fine ladies, were all great. I feel honored to have met you and the other bloggers.

For the record, did you mean for this to say my name is Lori Yellow, as if Yellow is my last name? It's not. I don't use my full name with blogging. My blog is called Spinning Yellow b/c my son used to spin a lot and he was obsessed with the color yellow (you know, the whole perseveration (sp?) thing).

Ellen Gerstein

Susan, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you after the panel to tell you how amazing it was. You're all incredible women and I'm glad I learned a bit more about your incredible children. Thanks to you and your panelists for a truly wonderful experience.


I was there and asked a question, but I'm not sure I mentioned my blog. I really got a lot out of the panel.

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