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June 17, 2008



This is really sweet. I hope Isaac adjusts to camp (although it doesn't sound like a bad start!). I'm loving that post card - mainly that you signed it "Sincerely" to your parents! So sophisticated. ;-)


Susan, with you and J to guide him, Isaac is going to do just fine. Summer camp. School. And beyond.

I love this post, your sensitivity, your awareness, and your commitment to easing his way. Isaac is a lucky boy.


The postcard made me smile. I was always too afraid to go away to camp. Sigh...I regret that very much.

I think Isaac is doing tremendously well at adjusting and coping. Instead of freaking out about the meadow he expressed his concerns...asking for some help in his own way. Very mature!

The letting go and letting them find their way is never easy, is it? I imagine even our parents struggled with the challenges.

drama mama

Okay. We sang that song, too. And it still makes me cry.

So eloquently put, my dear, as we all entrust our darlings to the counselors and the wilds of city camps this summer.

Did the lanyards. Tie dye? Sand candles, too?

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