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June 05, 2008



Oh Susan, I loved this post. I need to be reminded all the time of the things you say, the observations you make. It's not prophecy, it's right now. Yes, to that. And, like Isaac, our son, too, waits until just this side of "normal" to decide he's ready. Sitting up, rolling over, walking, talking, etc. All of it in his own time.

Congratulations on what turned out to be a delightful day!


Hmmm...sounds kind of familiar. In HIS time. He'll shine and be who he is in his own way and time. Honor his knowledge of what he needs (even if he can't articulate that knowledge in the moment) and you'll all soar. xo


Boy, do I get this Susan!

This - "But, at what feels like the very last second, he decides he's ready, and he does it. Whatever it is." - describes Chee very much.

I'm really glad he joined in at the end and decided to have fun. Overcoming those fears is so huge and so important. My hope is that as time goes by that will become easier and easier.

A good omen, indeed.

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