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May 26, 2008



hehe..yeah, job one: do it fast!


Welcome back


Yup. Ben is stripping off his swimsuit this year, too.

Is there a market in a nudist summer camp for kids on the spectrum? Learning social skills and coping mechanisms... in the buff?

drama mama

He is only five. This may not be cute in a few short years, but five? Sort of adorable.

Keep breathing.


Forgive me for snorting out loud (with laughter) at your pain...the image of Isaac at the pool **was** kinda funny. Mostly b/c I can totally picture Nik doing much the same thing! Sigh... take it in stride and maybe you can find (or create) a good social story about keeping clothing on? Sorry about the Bar Mitzvah; sometimes you just have to roll with it and it sounds like you did a fine job. Now get some rest! xoxo

Special Needs Mama

Listen, my daughter did this too at that age. We tried to laugh it off. Not that it was funny. Sigh.


this totally cracked me up! i especially love your last three lines!!

go Isaac! that's all i have to say. who WOULDN"T want to rip off uncomfortable trunks? i certainly would! and that internet surfing! i love his curiosity and his spelling and his typing. amazing.


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Melissa P.

Alot of autistic children do this.
My younger son had to be constantly reminded not to do it.
Especially in water. He is 12 now and just did it at Great America.
It is nerve wracking.

Will's Mom

If it is any encouragement, our entire summer of 2007 was a naked summer for Will.

My PDD-NOS/hyperlexic/possibly asperger's hilarious, smart, sweet son was so unable to stay in his suit that we had to leave a few play dates and really didn't go to the Y at all. He had just turned four. This summer he is a new man. He is not only wearing a suit, he's wearing one that comes with swim shirt (for SPF protection). I think your latest entry IS a sign. I feel the same way about Will. The progress comes - it's just in their own time.

FYI: Will also has issues with "church music." It makes him weep (not cry, weep) and bury his head in our laps. His other auditory issues are nearly gone, bu this has remained. I honestly think he is truly affected by the music's beauty. Needless to say, we leave lot and generally do not put him through this (but do occasionally to help him get more used to it).

Thanks for this blog. It's my first visit, and I'll be back.

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