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May 12, 2008



Amazing, isn't it? And how incredible it is and how lucky you are to have teachers willing to sit with him and work these things out and then COMMUNICATE them so articulately back to you.


I'm sure you do know how exciting this development is, Susan, but do you also know how BRILLIANT you were to place Isaac at that school? The fact that the staff reached out to you TWO TIMES - and in such a meaningful way - after the separation? That is nothing short of miraculous. I'm impressed with the whole lot of you!


Okay, that does it! I want to move back to the Bay Area and gt Nik into either Isaac or Miss M/C's school!

Holy cow, Susan, that's fantastic progress. But yeah, the separation anxiety sucks the life right out of you, huh? We're going through something similar all of a sudden with Nik and the place we go for PT/OT and a Devel. play group. Except I don't leave...he just loses it all of a sudden whereas he used to LOVE going there.

Big hugs to you and Isaac...and J for taking him out so you could have your "fit of the vapours!" ;-) Oh, and I'll take some of that ice cream, too, please!


That is a huge accomplishment. Writing and feelings, hmm... Have you thought of doing a social story about going to school in the a.m.? Forgive me if you've already tried such things - they're on my brain these days since sam's teacher suggested we create one for getting his hair cut)


What a good school, what good teachers, and what good progress for him. And I've often reverted mentally to that desire to be "indisposed." Must have been handy.


Granted, I'm probably hormonal, but that entry brought tears to my eyes. Wow.

drama mama

F*ckin' A.

Right on teachers, Head of School, and Right the Eff On Mr. Isaac!

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