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May 10, 2008



Susan, this sounds so familiar. I wish we could predict what the future holds. Instead, we struggle in the present to keep things even, to shine a light, to find out way.

There may be countless miles between us, but, we are on the same path.


And you are doing a fine, fine job of making your way over that uneven terrain, Susan.

I completely agree with you; there are days when it just feels like the right thing to do is snuggle in at home with my boy and close out the rest of the world. So we do...for a short while. Nik is getting better at letting me know (showing me) when he needs more. I suspect Isaac is finding his own balance and feeling the fatigue some days...especially at the end of the week, perhaps?

Sending you warm wishes for a Happy Mother's Day! xoxo

Special Needs Mama

Lovely--and you remind me that even my NT 11 year old is fading rapidly in the draining days of her own school year. Balance is so hard to achieve.

drama mama

Oh I get this.

You've got good shoes. You'll make it over the rough terrain. xo


Must be the time of year. I just recently wrote about how my 7-year-old first grader told me he doesn't want to go back to school next year, that "you should teach me at home." Breaks my heart, especially since his practically-defines-the-word 'typical' sister adores school. I want the same for him, and it may not be in the cards.

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