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May 30, 2008



oh man! i LOVED harvey! how fun for you to have met him!!! i remember vividly laughing with my entire family at the carol burnett show!


I cried when I heard the news the other day. Such a phenomenal comedic talent, the likes of which this current generation of comedians does not equal.

You met him? Waaay cool.

Special Needs Mama

So sad. And such a great tribute. Thank you.

drama mama

Dude. I love me some Philip Seymour Hoffman, but my FIRST love was Harvey.

That you met him?

Green with envy. Green, I tell you!

Saturday nights at ten. We'd go to Whiz burger for bags of fries and hot apple turnovers, which we'd reheat for Sunday morning. Then we'd watch. And howl.


It's nice that you still have your picture together.

I think Carol Burnett and Ahrvey Korman's Gone With the Wind skit is arguably one of the funniest bit ever on TV.

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