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May 05, 2008



I keep coming back to this one thought: Thank god we are not alone. Not only have we been there, but we keep going back there--just by way of different streets, if you will. It seems the destination doesn't often change, only the path we take to reach it.

I think I'm a lot like you (and we know our boys share many traits), most of the time I can keep it together. But sometimes, that tendency to overthink things, to read something into everything, is overwhelming.

Enuf said. Hang tough, sweetie. You're doing an awesome job. And I know, it's not easy.


Must be something in the wind that we are all catching scent of. As I wrote in my email to you, it's been a tough time around here, too. The hardest part is how I have been handling it —which is to say, not well.

Sometimes we do need to step away to regain perspective before we can jump back in and work it out with the help of our friends. Sometimes it isn't even about working anything out so much as simply allowing ourselves the time and space to feel things and move through them or with them.

You kow you've got a lot of us (virtually) holding your hand. The strength flows both ways. xo

drama mama

Ugh, sister, I know that flop sweat running down your back.

I know the jungle drums.

I'm glad he recovered quickly. It's your recovery time that I'm thinking about.

I am thrilled about the playdate. Thrilled.

Hang on to that playdate. Chew on it awhile, savor it. And don't qualify it by the kid, or the toys. Isaac did it.

Isaac did.


All our little ones have so little control over their lives. I think that is what a lot of the tantrums are about. And we still feel it, that lack of control in our own big grown up lives, and what kind of wierdo mom never loses her temper? Be kind to yourself. Sounds like you are a great mom, and sounds like Isaac is dealing with his world in a very understandable, and ultimately reasonable way. Glad to hear about your fun playdate.


I like your imagery of the tumbleweeds. Thank you for this post, which I badly needed to read after my own hellacious day. It helps. The play date does sound super promising.


congratulations on the playdate! so wonderful!

it's almost a prayer, isn't it? asking not to overthink things. there is a natural ebb and flow i've noticed in our house and my emotions ride those tides.

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