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April 13, 2008



Wow - we were at the Exploratorium today too! We must have just missed you. We were with a school pal of Ben's.

It was Ben's first visit and it went quite well - he didn't spend a ton of time at any one exhibit, but rather he ran around "sampling" everything first, which is exactly what he does with a book: scan: then focus.

I totally agree with your description of the place. After my first visit 20 years ago I renamed it "The Headache Museum." But when we arrived today at 10 a.m. the only people in the place were a handful of locals with toddlers. The tourists were still sleeping or waiting in line for overpriced brunch. Perfect.


You were brave, Susan, and I'm glad it went pretty well. This post brought back memories...a couple years ago I brought a client of mine to the Exploratorium - he had autism and it will be your turn to nod sagely when I say that for a long period he was lying on the floor with his hands over his ears in horror as other children stepped over him. And he was too big for me to lift. But when you get to something that really resonates (like those awesome bubbles!), it's a wonderful place to be. I love Isaac's face in that shot!


Looove that expression! Sigh, it's places like that which make me miss living in a city.

Glad you opted to stay away from those hotels! ;-)

drama mama

I know the hotel. We will never ride our elevators there AGAIN.

As for the Exploratorium, kenohorrah - go raise children - I can't go into that place. Nope. Too much. But I admire Isaac's fortitude!
Let's do a playdate soon -


The Exploratorium had exactly the same effect on TH. We watched him come completely, crazily unglued within minutes of our first visit there. He was nuts. And we were always tense watching him with other kids around because he'd do such unpredicatble things that would freak the other kids out. Sigh.

I read the hotel story. I think J did exactly the right thing, which was whatever seemed like the right thing at the time. If I had been in his situation, dealing with a melting four-year-old in a hotel lobby while some worthless fool stood there asking me questions, I probably would have shot out one foot and kicked him down the stairs. Good thing I wasn't in his situation, eh? ;) He dun good, as we like to say here in TX.

andrea frazer

Awesome shots. My kids would love that place. How awesome for you that Issac is adapting so much better now.


I love this..."As the map on Dora the Explorer would say, "Say it with me: Spontaneous. Meaningful. Language."

Witty. Poignant. Elegant. Memorable.

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