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March 08, 2008



Beata's dream is fantastic! Awesome.

Your dream mirrors the reality we faced in SF. I did scan my letter and find that our assignment wasn't one of our 7. I hadn't heard of it. "Cold, panicky dread" sums it up fairly well. I visited that school, to be fair. It was like something Jonathan Kozol could write a whole really depressing book about - no resources, down to about 5 kids per class because everyone had run away from it, and 50% of its population was homeless and therefore, of course, in need of MORE support in life, not the less they were clearly getting. In fact, that school was shut down by the district that summer.

BUT, as a good friend had counseled me, we would get into a good school. She said no one she'd ever known had not eventually pushed their way into one. Since our assigned school closed, we got to choose again. We got into one that wasn't great but was fine.

When they did the numbers at the two-weeks of school mark to see who'd really shown up everywhere, we suddenly got into our 1st-choice, good neighborhood school. It was awful to tell Baxter that he had to switch schools after two weeks, but worth it in the end to spend the year in a better school. (Although if we'd known at the time that we were going to move to Chicago at the end of kindergarten, we'd have spared him a transition and let him stay put!!)

What a lot of CRAP to deal with, these city schools (Chicago's only slightly better), but my friend was right - eventually we were where we wanted to be.


or how about the award for most relatable subconscious!


Wow. Beata's dream sounds like the plot to a movie or a novel. Kind of a twist on Invasion of the Body Snatchers or The Stepford Wives, but fresh, modern...lovely to imagine. Wouldn't that be something?

Your dream? More like a nightmare. (sorry!!!)


I think, in some ways, Beata's dream is already happening; Isaac is helping you all to understand his world through his art, his words, his play.

Your dream is pretty normal. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news!

drama mama

I've heard good things about the school you DID get.

I like your dream. I know it.



We love Beata's dream, Susan--I just read it to Grandpa J--because we see Isaac that way. His own combination of qualities makes up a unique personality that is very lovable and interesting. It's so wonderful that Beata (as well as his parents and family) "sees" that too.


Ugh. I do NOT envy you the bizarre approach to school assignment that SF does. It was a major motivating factor in our move away from there. I still have trouble believing that they do this to people. I'm surprised I'm not dreaming the same thing you are FOR you.

I like Beata's dream. I secretly (well, not now secretly) think she's right.

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