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March 09, 2008



Very witty!!
Excellent that you got your school of choice!


Congratulations, I'm so relieved for you!


Hooray!!! I've been worried about this, but knowing "you can work with it", I will set my worries aside. It IS a leap of faith, every day, Susan. But, if we let them, these little guys will have a lot to teach us about all that, don't you think?


Congratulations! Wow, I didn't realize it's like a mini-college admissions season in SF! Of course, we only have the one choice in our district so...

Bloom and poop forever. Oy, he'd fit right in with my guys, for sure! Deliciously silly. :-)


yay for one of your choices!

and i must say, fluffy would ADORE issac's version!


I was just telling our pediatric urologist about SF's idiotic kindergarten distribution plan. Wat to take the village out of the equation, SF.

Congratulations on actually getting one of the schools on your list! You're the FIRST person I've known personally who's achieved that.

Special Needs Mama


mama p

Poop - the equalizer across the board. Hey, your school news? This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drama mama

I love the last bit. I can so see Isaac hugging you like that. That doll.

I have to say, detaching and reading about our (SF'S) lottery system makes me feel like the whole thing is cuckoo.

Glad you guys got what you got. I know that your school has a nice reputation.

Karen DeGroot Carter

Great news! Also love Isaac's drawing. Classic! K.

cry it out

Cool beans! We're so happy for you guys!

Ellen Gerstein

Congrats on the school...must be a load off your minds.

Totally tangental, I have to inform you that no self respecting Austrian has ever heard Edelweiss, much less seen "The Sound of Music." My kids' babysitter is Austrian and it's a running joke with us. I thought Edelweiss was the Austrian national anthem until I realized it was written by Rogers and Hammerstein, who are most definitely not Austrian. The movie bombed in Austria when it was released and it never came back. Tourists come to Austria and take the Sound of Music tour, but no Austrian would know what it is. I had to hold down Doris, our babysitter, and make her watch the film. She flipped out seeing her home city portrayed that way.

So, in a long winded way, I wanted to tell you to bloom and poop all you want, the Von Trapps won't be coming to hurt you!

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