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March 03, 2008


drama mama

That is not QAP. That if FQAP.

I trust you can figure out the F.

Bravo, Mama. Uh, Daddy. Whatever.


I am SO going to try that with my 3 yr old!


You are a rockin' mom. Or should I say dad? Um, parent? Whatever. You rock.


That is FANTASTICALLY QAP, Susan! I'm sure you diffused a really tense situation with that one. Sounds like you should've been given a chapter to write in the "Playful Parenting" book (which, BTW, I so highly recommend to everyone!). Nice job!


What DM said..FQAP! I gotta get me some of that! xo

Special Needs Mama

I tried to comment but forgot to do the moderation box. That's turning stress into stress balls! And I do believe the man in the yellow hat had a red fleece jacket, yes?


I'm with Drama Mama on this one: QFAP indeed.


In our house it works once (things never work great twice)...but I think it would probably work the other way, right? Do when daddy stays home next time and he wants mama what does he wear?

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