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March 30, 2008



I agree, Susan, that is one of the more painful criterion. You are so right in that is one of the reasons we have a family.

I am glad to see Isaac seeking to share play time with you. It's wonderful!

drama mama

I hated that part of the DX, too.

That particular page made very good mulching, as I recall.



Ha! In your face, DSM IV!

Love those moments of exceeding expectations.


what a wonderful invitation! go Isaac!!


ROFL! I thought for sure you were going to write that he did this at some ungodly hour of the morning!

French toast...definitely a celebratory breakfast! :-) Love it...all of it!


I love Isaac and his infinite possibilities! Hooray for you, too, Susan, in recognizing the beauty of the moment.


Wow!! Excellent! These small things are huge!

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