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March 13, 2008


drama mama

I'll bet those were the best Madeleines you've ever tasted.

Karen DeGroot Carter

I'm with Drama Mama. Enjoy. :)


Amazing, isn't he? What a little love...


Oh I LOVE his style! Yes, I think he and Nik could be related somehow. I'm still asking for the kisses and we have not words yet but the willingness and zeal with which Nik presses his little lips to mine...sigh.


Oh gosh, kiddo, he's right on time with this. Oedipus rules.



Yay for Isaac! I love it! Enjoy those Madeleines!

Special Needs Mama

Oh so lovely. A gift from your son. What's better?


How wonderful!

Ellen Gerstein

Isaac has great taste in cookies! A wonderful day, no?

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