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March 31, 2008



Well, hopefully next year's list will include another celebrity talking about how they've chosen to love and accept their child exactly as s/he is and what educational supports they've developed. Or that they're giving so many millions of dollars to fund education programs for all ages on the spectrum. Maybe?


Yes it will be very interesting to see what will have changed!


I think that all diagnoses of Autism, as well as any other developmental difficulty, should be made by a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist. The reason being that unqualified teachers are being given too much clout in a diagnosis likely to affect a child for the rest of his/her life.

My daughter's teacher insisted that my daughter had autism, arranged a meeting with myself and my ex-husband, and darned near had him talked into taking her findings to my daughter's doctor who would write a prescription. I insisted that she should be evaluated by the school psychologist, who put into writing that she could see no sign of autism in my daughter. Not satisfied with that, the teacher in question brought in a team of experts, without my permission, had her evaluated again, without my knowledge, and guess what? My daughter again came out with no signs of autism!

Autism is a legitimate problem deserving of our attention and support, but more attention should be paid in making these diagnoses.

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