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February 28, 2008



Wow, that's a very interesting article. It makes me feel so much better about the significant amounts of unstructured time I do give Nik. Well, okay, maybe not "better" but "less guilty?" ;-)

I see much of this phenomenon playing out in today's teenagers...my nieces included. They have a great deal of difficulty finding creative ways to fill time, working out solutions for themselves without having to call their parents, etc.


Very interesting indeed. I feel a little bit better about my parenting style and Chee's preschool program. We have lots of unstructured playtime at home and school and we are involved in no lessons or leagues. I have often been guilty of playing the blame game (blaming myself that is) for Chee's delays in imaginative play. Like somehow it's my fault.

Anyway, I found this article and your post very good!

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