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February 26, 2008



You know, it sounds a little like our house. If it's not the trains rolling down the track on YouTube, it's the Ferrari races on YouTube or the Nascar races or, yes, simply the street races on YouTube. What on earth did we all do before YouTube?

Bounce around like a ball?

drama mama

Oh dear.

I DO like the thought of the two boys hunkered in front of YouTubes together - that sounds so right.

Cars. Yes. I understand.

BTW Fab new photo. Saucy!


Oh yeah, some things really DO seem to be hard wired, don't they? Sigh. I'm afraid in this household it will be motorcylces and greasy, grimy engines. (Let's hope Nik gets past his oral phase before then...)

Love the composite photo. And simile...I smile. :-)


Rock on, Isaac!

I see you, too, have discovered the joys of Leopard's Photobooth application. Our current favorite effect: using the Mirror setting to making yourself disappear.

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