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January 05, 2008


drama mama

I love this. This is what I preach over and over to my students: Tell the story. Don't make it "good".

Just DO it.


This was a funny post. Hilarious, really. I like your writing--you do what drama mama preaches--you just tell the story. Whitterer on Autism does the same thing, and I just love it.

Strangely, I was at one point wry, Irish, suicidal, a Louvre veteran and a veteran of a long relationship (called marriage heading to divorce) and of seeing death--and I was only 22. Now, I'm just mostly Irish and almost middle aged, yet I feel my writing is much much better than it was back then. At least considerably less lurid or purple or histrionic or whatever modifier best describes that pre-maturity hyperverbal affliction. ;) Write on, sistah.


I for one am thrilled that you are telling your story. For you, and for all of us. Keep at it!

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