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January 13, 2008



Oh dear, hope hes ok and you manage to get some sleep.


oh poor baby! We suffered many croupy nights. The good news: they do grow out of it!! The bad news: it's so hard to watch them suffer through it.

I hope Isaac had a peaceful night, past the witching hour (croup tends to hit you hard right around midnight...I wonder why?) And I hope you got some rest.

Feel better soon!

Good Fountain

We've been through croup a couple of times in this house. I hate how awful that cough sounds. Feel better quick, Isaac!

drama mama

I hate the croup. You're steaming in the bathroom, right?


I feel for him, poor guy. Hope he gets better soon.


oh no! so sorry. hang in there. i hope it passes quickly.


Ugh. Hope the steam is working. I'm sure you've seen the articles recently about how honey is the best thing for a cough...we swear by it. Even better, a homeopathic cough med called "Chestal" which has honey in it and tastes yummy. It's the only thing we will use when Nik gets flare ups. Sending healing, healthy thoughts your way. xo


TH always developed croup whenever he acquired an upper respiratory virus. Our middle son has acquired all of the same viruses and never has had croup. The baby woke up one night last summer with an attack of croup so severe that he couldn't breathe, even after a bathroom steam, and at the ER, his O2 sats were 80. It's weird how different larynxes (Kristina--can I get a ruling on the plural here?) are affected differently by the same pathogens.

Hope he gets better. We were up all last night with what I think must be molars (I mean in the baby's mouth, not the teeth on their own).

drama mama

How is The Boy doing? Feeling better?

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