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January 10, 2008



I will look out for that, thanks.


I'm afraid I missed it. Hopefully it will get released on dvd or repeated on tv.

Good Fountain

I watched it last night and was fascinated. I was moved to tears a few times ... imagining how those parents must have felt when they got the initial diagnosis. I was moved when he said his first word that they happened to catch on film.

What was also interesting was how many people I know personally that Nicky reminded me of. People that I'm not aware of having Asperger's.

I think his sister Lizzie did an incredible job with the documentary.


Thanks for the review. I had someone record it for me and am looking forward to seeing it!


I can't seem to track down a showtime I can access; I'm not up at 4:30 a.m. unless catastrophic illness is involved.

Someone on another board suggested that Nicky's not Asperger's, that his suite of traits doesn't really match up. I'm really hoping to be able to catch this at some point.

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