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January 16, 2008



Wow, so sorry you've all had (are having) the crud. Hope it passes SOON! But great new developments, so happy to hear it!


You don't need a title when you have such great things to report. Well, save for the sickies. That is not a great thing.

Feel better. That coughing in the crook of the arm takes a LONG time to sink in, become habit. We're still working on consistency for that one!

Good Fountain

I'm sorry you're sick. It's hitting me too. Sigh. I hate the crud.

I love those natural sounding responses. Really warms the heart, and often brings a tear to my eye. So many people don't quite understand that.


so sorry you're sick! but i love the reports on Issac's developmental leaps! fluffy is doing some amazing leaping himself! something is definitely in the air these days...


Ugh, the sickies...so sorry. But the rest? WONDERFUL STUFF! I think, Isaac, Nik, GP, Fluffy, DM's Miss M, Maizie...and I'm guessing so many others, too, are all going through big growth right now. Sure sounds like it!

drama mama

Crap. The crud. So sorry. I love the surges raging through our little community.

Maybe our kids are sending each other super rays of energy? I dunno.

But I love it. LOVE it.

Karen DeGroot Carter

Susan, so glad I finally stopped by via Kristen's blog. And sorry about the crud. It's been at our house most of the month and I'm ready to escort it out the door!!! K.

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