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January 08, 2008



Sounds like a conversation to me!
Always great to read new blogs, thank you for the intros!

Special Needs Mama

That school sounds wonderful. Please do keep us posted on your progress. The steps to kindergarten are so very challenging...


Yes, I'd give that conversation status!

I'm so glad you're looking at lots of options for Isaac. As you know from other parents, it's an ongoing adventure to be sure that every child's needs are met along the way. One of the best things you can do is to know what's out there!

I've happily just discovered that Emily has this blog this week and now I'll look forward to checking out Christa's, too!


Eeeeek! I'm so excited that you posted my blog on here! You are my blogheroine; I was so thrilled when you started to blog about Isaac, and I thought you were so brave to be doing it. I had all these things going through my mind every day about my sons, but felt trepidation about blogging them. Now I find it's my best daily outlet and catharsis, but what surprises and pleases me more is all of the people I've "met" and re-"met" by doing it. I love it, and all of you keep me so well informed. Thanks for what you do.


yes yes! that surely IS a conversation!!!!

congrats to you for finding this school. it sounds wonderful--supportive, respectful, tuned in. wow. what a find. keep us posted!

and thanks for the links to new sites.

drama mama

Dude. That's way more conversation than I have with my husband.

Thanks for the new blog tips!

Also going to check out the same school - let's compare notes!


Definitely conversation! And in the morning no less?

The school you described sounds like one I'd like to have around here! Sigh, maybe one day we'll move back to the Bay Area...but I doubt it. :-(

Thanks for the intro to the "new" blogs. I'll be checking them out, for sure.

Rachel Norton

I can't believe I had to read that you toured that private school on your blog!!!! And I want to know immediately what was on your kindergarten list!

I expect an email ASAP.


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