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January 31, 2008


drama mama


I like that. I like that ALOT.


Thankfully, Nik doesn't yet know that he can WATCH Thomas. He just likes the sounds of the trains. Whew, maybe we've dodged that bullet?

So wonderful to hear that Isaac is making such strides at school! Sounds like it's pretty natural when it happens, too.

Ah yes, let's hear it for patient spouses (on BOTH sides!!)...I think I have one somewhere around here that I should probably pay some attention to, too. ;-)

Glad you are feeling better —even if you are laying on the "sauce" these days! ;-) Har, Har Matey!


Way to go, Isaac!! I wonder too about the Thomas connection. We are beginning to see it taper off a bit here, replaced by Lionel, but still, what's up with the trains?? Most recently, I was informed that he does not need to go to college because he is already a train expert.


I think I'm a little bit relieved that girls don't seem to have the train thing. Chee's obsessions have shifted. But for a long time it was all things Baby Einstein ... dvds, books, posters, etc. One day the BE DVDs had to "go live at another little girl's house" - thankfully she accepted that. Although her BE books began to receive considerably more love.

Hooray for interacting with his peers more. I think as parents that is what we wish for most... at least I do.


I hear you on the Thomas stuff. How the most boring show ever has captivated the heart of my three year old, I'll never know. We are lucky that the show only airs on PBS here twice a week so I don't get stuck with it all the time.

Karen DeGroot Carter

Susan, funny how we all fall into that high/low expectations trap with our kiddos. So glad to hear Isaac has found a game he loves. My son's 15 and it seems like just yesterday he was curled up on the couch watching Thomas...time flies!


Interaction with peers? Being in a parade? Chatting at lunch? Making word puns? It sounds like Isaac has come a long long way, baby.

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