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November 05, 2007



Susan, this is just a great post. Have you read 'The Short Bus'? It talks a lot about what is 'normal'. And that normal is really everybody trying their very hardest to appear 'average' in order to fit in.

My son has a visible disability. But in our quest to have him included in his community (and this means have him act and appear as 'normal' as possible), how much of him, and his Aaron-ness and yes, his Down syndrome, am I trying to steal to make him conform?


Susan, this is a wonderful, thought-provoking post. I'm not sure you have to let go of normal, I'm of the mind that we are all--each and every one of us--not exactly normal, some of us just blend in better than others.

To a lesser degree we are experiencing some of those same "because of his height and his size" kind of situations. My son just turned six, but he looks like a mature seven. He doesn't, however, act like a mature seven or even a young six. So, yes, there are times--at school, in public--where the expectations based on how he looks are beyond what he is capable of meeting.

I don't know the answer. But maybe we can be the generation of change because I believe in my heart our kids (this group of 3 to 8 year olds) is just the tip of the iceberg.

drama mama

Trying to figure it out myself. We are on the edge- really and truly the edge, but boy, when her slip shows, it SHOWS.

And I have to reconcile myself to that.

BTW, what are you doing taking your kid to the museum? Expecting good behavior? His behavior seems TOTALLY normal to me!


Sometimes I think normal is over rated. Or perhaps I am trying to convince myself of that. I also think my perception of what is normal to 'other people' becomes more skewed as my son gets older. My concept of normal changes depending upon the situation as well. Our world is somewhat 'insulated' right now, but I know that when we head to district next year, 'normal' will definitley have a whole other identity.
It's really interesting to think about the evolution of words, and thank you for a very interesting post!

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