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November 17, 2007


drama mama

There was a great JACKASS bit where one of the dudes took a dump in a display toilet.

Totally understandable. And charming. At least to me. Hell, he's four.

Smaaaaart kid, too.


Um, yes...but what about the rude salesperson who tried to send you back across the street? That's the kind of thing that gets me crazy with the need to go back and give her a piece of my mind. Not right, what she did, not right at all. Especially since they did have a restroom you could use.

Okay. Sorry. Just. Mad.

Susan E

Yeah, I had some choice words for her (well, to myself anyway) ...I don't think it was a difference thing, though. I actually think she just didn't want a four-year-old non customer in her bathroom. Which is rude nonetheless, esp for the little ones who are still working on body control. Now THAT would have served her right.


Soooo glad the second salesperson was helpful. Reminds me of the time a friend's 5 yr old went in one of the bathrooms in a model house we were touring. Just stood there and "dropped trou" as they say. Oblivious to the fact that there were about 10 people walking past at that moment. Hey, when ya gotta go...

Would have served the crabby woman right if Isaac had done it in one of the floor models! (Ok, YOU would have died on the spot, but it would have been poetic justice don't you think?)

Kim Westwood

I can only imagine that the first sales assistant does not have any children and probably has never had to look after any young children in their life.

But then, some younger people would not realise just how much anguish baby potty training can cause a parent. My second child almost had me almost in despair!

Boo to the first sales assistant and hooray for the second!

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