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November 30, 2007



Wow, wasn't expecting this post so soon! Sounds like it was pretty positive today. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. BTW, I just emailed you back. :-)


How does this lottery work? Names in a hat, here's your school? Do you have any say at all?

I'm glad this went well today, sometimes public school is the best place. We've had pretty good luck going that route.

Fingers crossed you get what you want!


You'll have to let me know which one you saw! I think you're right, Susan, about going for public. Because, honestly...privates *might* have smaller class sizes (sometimes) but you're paying for the school, still paying for all your therapies, AND constantly training your teachers about special needs because 99% of the time they have no idea. Not that public is smooth sailing all the time, but at least there are trained professionals and the teachers have experience with this stuff a lot more often.

Rachel Norton

You are going to make a great decision, whatever you decide! I am in awe of how mindful you are about all of this: it is incredibly hard, there are so many imperfect options to consider, and, oh, right: we're talking about who our kids might be A YEAR FROM NOW. I don't know who my kid is going to be three months from now, let alone a year.

Jessica W

Hi there, saw your blog and loved it. We blog about many of the same struggles. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica W

Kathryn Johansen

I was very nervous that the public school system would not offer what we needed, but we were so pleasantly surprised. I say keep the faith and you will land right where your son needs to be. And, sometimes, you also have to try things and just keep going until you find the right fit. But the thing is, you will!

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