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November 15, 2007



But..not to undermind what you wrote...shouldn`t we be glad that some people know at least sth about autism?
It happened to me twice when I was with Isaac that, one time a lady and one time a man had no idea why Isaac was behaving the way he was and they said something about him being not well mannered...they had NO CLUE that he simply might be on spectrum and is just having a meltdown..

drama mama

I know. I try not to care too. But sometimes I do.

It's like anything else. We want to connect. I like to recognize other people who are arts people, who struggle with weight, who are minorities - whatever. We want that connection.

We see ourselves in each other. You're right. It's like "gaydar" - we know our own. I don't think the rest of the world recognizes our kind as much as we see each other.

The recognizing? It passes. He blends. The funny part is that 99.9% of the world really doesn't care that our kids are autistic. (Maybe that's part of the problem with the world)

It's hard. As I shared with you, when Miss M was 3 1/2, and was recognized in Disneyland by another autistic family, I flipped OUT. Still shudder about my reaction.


It's not the knowing that I mind so much, it's how they treat him once they know.


I think that with all the recent awareness of Autism, people are asking because they are hearing so much about it. Hopefully along with the media's awareness is that it's not the parents fault when a kid on the spectrum acts up and helps them to understand any behaviors they do see. I am finding that when my son is having a meltdown if I mention he is on the spectrum I get more of a "oh, ok, now I understand, is there anything I can do to help" vs. a stare and glare from strangers.

Gloriana Beausoleil

"This thing of knowing, of being reminded we're different--it's still hard."

Maybe. We all feel how hard it can be to parent a kid who has autism. But maybe it's not that we're different, really. It's just another flavor of life--normal is what YOU know, and each person has their own version of normal.

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