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November 06, 2007



Yes, hooray for that teacher and her understanding of how important it is to share those moments. Lucky Isaac to have someone so thoughtful minding the classroom! And lucky you, too!!


Horseplay is fun. Liked the way Isaac initiated the game and how the others joined in. Good for the teacher, too. My son would have probably commanded the other kids to stop horsing around since a horse is a large four-legged animal with a mane and tail.

drama mama

Good teacher. Good note to get.

(Not to mention the skills he is learning - referencing! Spontaneous play! Flexibility!)

Sweet pick me up this morning---

Special Needs Mama

Oh, lovely. Rock on!

Susan E

So this is what I think happened here (feeling a little CSI)...

1. Isaac was tired, end of day, not sure what to do. Starts moving around/galloping to calm or amuse himself.
2. Teacher notices, adds a pretend element.
3. This gets attention of other kids, who notice Isaac galloping and now want to join.
4. Isaac notices their attention, now engaged in ACTUAL PLAY with other kids...likes the attention
5. Voila: peer interaction!


This was such an awesome day brightener. I could picture it...especially Isaac looking back and realizing he was the leader! :)

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