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October 08, 2007


drama mama

I agree. The yin and the yang. Totally. Mmmm hmmm. Yup. xoxo


Thanks Susan, this is really lovely. A day in the life...

And don't you just adore the "jokes" that have no punchline and make no sense?


"To me, this is the paradox of special needs parenting: a little bit yin, a little bit yang, a little bitter, a little sweet, and always a tiny pocket of joy hiding somewhere you didn't expect it." Indeed, the paradox is complex. But we holdon for those tiny pockets of joy because they are so richly sweet. :-)

I love Sesame Street; it should be required viewing for ALL politicians and public employees!


Hi Susan,
I found you through Vicki Forman. Great blog!

cry it out!

Oh I wish Niksmom hadn't quoted that part, because I was just about to -- how eloquent. Would we all find the pockets of joy more often.

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