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October 28, 2007


Rachel Norton

I have been hearing some upsetting things about statements that were made at that K enrollment workshop you attended. For one thing, the K readiness guidelines are utterly beside the point for kids with special challenges. These kids are not typical, therefore we can't expect them to act/be like your typical five year old. And not being typical DOES NOT mean they shouldn't be included. It's a much more difficult calculation - what does YOUR particular child need most? What environment will best serve him? It's not always so clear cut that if he can't sit like a typical five year old that he shouldn't be in a full inclusion classroom. I don't know if that is the particular issue you are struggling with but thought I'd just point that out. :-)

drama mama

I cannot stress enough:
Public school with Inclusion supports. You can do the private school dance later, when you are able to lift supports. The private school thing in SF was a nightmare when Miss M was five.

We can talk specific schools at another time.



I am in the same boat right now. My son is four and in a center based aba program. I am caught in between wanting to move on and wanting to never leave there. It's only november and I am already stressin for next year!

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