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October 12, 2007


drama mama

Look at him. What a star. I love the naturalness and playfulness and JOY in his therapy.

Reminds me of the hours of playing we did with Miss M.

In the great scheme of things, I think that if my kid has to have therapy, this is the best possible kind to have.

Fun stuff.

P.S. Cute little bugger!


Susan, this is another perfectly timed tid bit! Now that we've got Nik out of school and are exploring different options specifically for autism education (besides the PT/OT/Speech) this is intriguing. I wonder how I would find someone in my area that practices this integrated approach; I think straight (100%)ABA isn't right for Nik at this time but see the value in some of it.


Ooo my his verbal response time is so swift, so appropriate, what a joy. What a good sharer you are. No problems with pretend time around your neck of the woods!

This is not meant as a criticism [perish the thought!] but I'm sure that there must be other parents out there who have the same 'problem.' What do do with the other autistic or non autistic sibling? Which child do you 'therapize' first and let the other one spin his/her wheels?

Well done you [all]

Rachel Norton

Since Susan brought up the lovely IEP process . . . Just want to remind all you moms in San Francisco who *might* be transitioning your ASD child to K this year, there is an SFUSD enrollment Fair on Oct. 27. Special Ed is doing a special workshop on the pre-K to K transition and I will be there along with some other inclusion advocates (accept nothing less!). So please come & bring your questions.

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