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September 27, 2007



Oh Susan, I'm so sorry. And yes, what a good and valid point. Sometimes we do get too wrapped up in the special needs side of our lives...kind of like not seeing the forest through the trees.

Hope Isaac is feeling better soon!!


Oh dear. So sorry to hear Isaac is now ill. Hope it passes quickly (and in a less spectacular fashion than last night's display!). Poor guy...and poor Mommy & Daddy! Sending healthy thoughts your way. xo

Jordan Sadler

Oh, goodness, how AWFUL. No one would have seen it coming, though, Susan. I always kick myself later: Oh! That's why he was pale, ate no breakfast, and didn't want to go to the park! (Slapping hand on the forehead...) Now I get it! Hope he feels better very soon.

Susan E

Thanks, everyone! He is a lot better this morning. Eating a bit and in a happy mood. And the carpet cleaners came, so we are back to a semblance of normal.


Glad to hear that Isaac is better. Yes, we all do it. The special needs sometimes make us forget that they catch colds and get earache too.

Vicki Forman

Yes, you can dream. May the force be with you!


oh no! i hope Isaac makes a speedy recovery!

i always get taken by surprise when fluffy's sick even though, when i look back, the signs are there!

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