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August 08, 2007



Brilliant. I think you really captured that feeling that all of us parents have. I love this. Thank you Susan.


Susan, This is so accurate! Yes, you did capture it. I often feel like I have some mild PTSD and cannot figure out why. Duh, I've never thought to look at where Nik is and how he is doing when those feelings come up. Thank God we have each other to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, laughter...


PTSD is something I think a lot about. Every time I enter a store with my son my heart beats faster and my breathing becomes more shallow. We don't have a lot of tantrums anymore but my body is preparing for one anyway. And perspective disorder? Yes, yes. What an apt description.

drama mama

I am having my own case of PTSD myself right now, for the last week or so. I'm finding it hard to stop.
Thanks for a great post.

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