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August 12, 2007



Another great post Susan. You really capture it. To some extent, I think the difference between a typical tantrum and a spectrum tantrum is degrees--I feel like my son (though he is getting better at it...) tantrums harder and longer and more aggressively than his "typical" cohorts. Also, another kid might shrug his shoulders and say, oh well, when there's no more pancakes for breakfast, whereas my son will carry on for two hours, completely unable to change gears.


I think, too, another difference is exactly as you have captured with great humor ---the parent attitude and perspective. I think many "typical" parents don't come nearly as close in having to analyze and dissect in an effort to (a) redirect or (b) mitigate a repeat. Sigh...


You know why you are awesome?Bcoz no matter what happens you can look at it thru "humor glasses" and i admire that about you..i need to learn that!! I so miss you guys and Isaac, looking forward to seeing him soon!


I agree with beata -- new here from 7x7, and I'm impressed. This is a lovely, funny post.


drama mama

No difference, really. Our kids just seem to be "too old" doing it.

Glad you've kept your sense of humor. It's crucial.

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