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July 05, 2007



hi susan
the zoo is hit or miss for us too. i think moodiness is a big part of the four-year-old boy, crummy not-so-loveable moods as well as ecstatic loving and tender moods. for our son, at least, the moods are sometimes related to being sleep-deprived as naps have pretty much been dropped but some days and weeks seem to require more stamina and energy. ice cream is often therapeutic. also, i have a blog now too, if you ever want to check it out, much more basic than this great and great big one...whereshouldwelive.blogspot.com


Susan, I have to get my whole family to read this post. We've been having these ongoing conversations about LegoLand and Sea World and Disneyland. My family is intent on generating a string of these outings during our upcoming visit. And while I continue to preach simpler is better, I fear no one is listening to me. I know my son will be happier with a trip to the playground than he will be with a trip to Disneyland. And why do I know this? Well...how much time do you have?

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