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July 14, 2007



Hooray for you! Yes to all of it. And a brilliant reminder to stop, look, listen and take care.


Once again, Susan, you have captured the very essence of where I am/we are in our house! In a moment rife with irony, I was about to post a comment earlier when the phone rang--- the hairdresser calling to make sure we were OK b/c I had missed Nik's haircut this morning since he's sick. UGH! We dashed off and got to see Ms. C one more time before she has her baby but it was a stressful "Seige-like" feeling. Never seems to be time to simply relax and BE and when we do, seems something plops into our laps. Sigh...

Hope you enjoyed your yoga this morning. I got to go to the gym while Nik & Daddy went to the playground. Whew! I needed that.

Rachel Norton

I am glad you are feeling good with where all of you are at. Re-read this post on the bad days, to remind yourself that life with a quirky kid is pretty good most of the time. If I have any wisdom five years post diagnosis, it is that it gradually gets less sad. Despite the diagnosis, Isaac is still going to be delightful, and he is still going to find people in his life who will appreciate and love him like you do.


Lovely post. I am a big fan of treats for parents!!!

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