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June 20, 2007



This makes me so happy! I love it! And I really understand your surprise, and your joy, at the end of the lullaby recession!!!

And I also understand this: my kids have taught me that No doesn't necessarily mean forever; it means, Not for now. That has been a huge lesson for me, and a great help in my life.

Sing on!


Oh this is simply beautiful. Who among us doesn't want to sing? It is such a joyful and soulful act. And how wonderful it is to comfort and soothe, to let the music wrap its strong arms around us and lift our spirits. And to hear little voices call out, "one more time, mommy."

Yes, Susan, sing on!


Yay for singing! My kids both love to sing songs. That's the main way I can connect with my autistic 3 year old son. We sing and act out fun songs like old mac donald, wheels on the bus, the ants go marching and so on. Unfortunately lullabys don't work for us, they have the opposite effect. He'll want to sing along loudly and make requests and get very excited.

May I make a suggestion for a new song to add to your repertoire. Little Boy Blue is a favorite of mine. Although my son likes to request various colors - little boy yellow, little boy red and so on.

Vicki Forman

I'm a reluctant singer myself but I have always liked "rock a bye baby" since you can sing it over and over again and it never seems to get old.


Oh how wonderful that Isaac is wanting to hear mama's voice again! :-D I'm partial to old jazz standards myself...Nik couldn't care less. LOL

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